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Top-of-the-line horse and camel health products await you

The global equine healthcare market is inundated with products that are not up to the mark, to put it mildly. While some horse pills are cheap knock-offs that are good for nothing, others are made with untested ingredients to cut corners. This oversaturation of low-quality medications puts breeders, keepers, and owners at a huge disadvantage. If your horse or camel gets sick, you’re doomed to struggle to find the right drug for successful treatment.

Equinecet Pharma is here to eliminate that bane once and for all. Our team consists of certified vets and scientists who know their way around developing top-grade horse medications and performance-boosting products. With almost half a century of combined experience, we’ve managed to embrace innovations and 100% accurate drug testing techniques. Thanks to this, our meds and supplements are guaranteed to help your equine athlete.

Owners and breeders turn to our online horse pharmacy because they’re sure whatever they get from Equinecet Pharma is lab-tested and effective. To live up to this recognition, we tirelessly work hand in hand with the world’s revered research centers. Together we develop, manufacture, and distribute genuinely outstanding solutions for the best equine care.

A peek behind the curtain of our equine pharmacy

Our catalog is extensive enough for horse and camel owners to easily find the right meds for their animals. Here you’ll always have many options, whether for injectables, pills, or nutritional supplements. But we recommend that you talk to a professional vet first so that he or she gives you pointers on the solution that will work best for your equine.

If you’re sure about the horse or camel medication that you need, Equinecet Pharma is your one-stop place to get it. Here’s what we’re ready to supply:

  • Anti-inflammatory meds. Need something for arthritis or laminitis? Examine the proven equine health products like Dexamethasone or Vecort to curb these conditions.
  • Analgesics. Save your horse or camel from being racked with pain. There are many medicines, including Rifen, that can provide immediate relief.
  • Antibiotics. Whether it’s an infection or BRD, it should be treated right away. That is when you need medications, such as Zuprevo and similar solutions.
  • Vasodilators. These will help your equine avoid tying-up and other muscle problems. AMP-5 is probably the most sought-after vasodilator, but we’ve got many more to offer.
  • Dewormers. With Dectomax and other anthelmintic horse medications, you can quickly get rid of parasites in your equine. Save your buddy from roundworms and nasal bots.

Take your horse’s performance to the next level

If you own a racehorse and want it to have a competitive edge, Equinecet Pharma can help, too. Besides medications, we carry high-quality performance boosters that allow your equine to push the boundaries. Using our horse supplements, you can improve your athlete’s stamina, muscular strength, and endurance – all while maximizing its chances of winning the upcoming race.

All meds and performance enhancers are shipped from our U.S. and Hong Kong facilities. Place your order when browsing our online pharmacy or by contacting us!   We also accept Zelle 

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